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Protects hands and skin up to 12 hours!

Alcohol-free – kills bacteria

Science Water Treatment
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Long-term cleaning – so you can relax

Without Chlorine – kills bacteria

Welcome to Fivewood

At Science Fivewood, we like to help – and solve your problems.
Among lots of other things, we:

  • Disinfect skin and surfaces, add a revolutionary long-term protection effect, and make the world a healthier place with our alcohol-free products based on the unique Guardian Technology.

We use the same technology to disinfect spa and pool water, making cleaning a much easier job for spa and pool owners.

  • Clean up where mold has become a problem – and we get rid of it for good.
  • Clean up oil spills and help preserve the environment.
  • Purify water, separate it from oil and heavy metals having perfected nature’s own method.

We care about health.
We care about the environment.
We care about you.

Please come in and check us out. Welcome!

  • Guardian Technology

    This means alcohol-free products that not only clean and disinfect but also provide a revolutionary long-term protection effect.

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    We specialize in cutting-edge products mainly in these fields: disinfection, cleaning and environment.

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    Latest news

    News and updates about Science Fivewood Europe and our products.

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    For more information about our products or company, we are at your service to answer any questions.

Guardian Secured


Science Fivewood has products suited for everything from basic cleaning and disinfection to cleaning up oil spills. All products have minimal negative impact on the environment.